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Meet the Team


Chief Executive Officer 
"Solution Builder"

Sheleita Miller is a certified public accountant.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting and a Master’s degree in Accountancy.  Sheleita has experience in the nonprofit sector, public accounting, and governmental auditing with the State of Indiana. 
She has a community organization and radio show, which seeks to assist community members and elected officials address community concerns.  Sheleita has learned to appreciate the perspective of community members, business owners, and elected officials.  Sheleita believes that these groups working together will be the key to shaping the future of America's legacy cities.   

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Public Relations Specialist

Zanetta Miller has made significant contributions to the marketing and public relations landscape of Northwest Indiana.  She has excelled in roles within the healthcare, higher education, non profit, and small business sectors.  She has thirteen years of collegiate instruction experience.  Her instructional repertoire spans speech, business communication, and mass communication, reflecting a comprehensive understanding of pedagogy and communication theory.
Zanetta is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Indiana Wesleyan University.  Miller's research focuses on leadership within the healthcare sector with a particular emphasis on the experiences of female leaders in executive positions.  She has co-authored two academic books on leadership and feminism.  Miller endeavors to empower individuals to communicate effectively and lead with confidence in their personal and professional endeavors.

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